About the festival

This summer, Moscow will, once again, be at full volume. The Moscow A Capella International Open vocal festival, and the largest singing contest, is back. Hundreds of groups will compete to win the top award, the hearts of muscovites'!
There’s a variety of genres, with new names, unusual acts and thousands of hours of live singing. Master-classes, workshops, special projects and much more. Set yourself up to sing with us!

«Moscow A Cappella» is when the whole city sings…
… and even the whole world!

of the Festival

The festival and the A Capella singing contest was first held in 2017. There was a total of 250 applications and 168 received the green light. More than 4 million visitors attended the various recital venues over 12 days. One year saw a total of 184 participants with almost 7 million people attending. In 2019, Moscow A Cappella brought 7.4 million people together to hear 195 contestants.

In 2024, singers from various countries will be back in Moscow to share their experiences and vie for the grand festival prize, or at least to take home medals in various categories depending on how many participants take part. When it comes to genre, there is no limit. The only unchanged stipulation is that there should be no musical accompaniment, just the purity of voice!
How it was in 2019
million visitors
1 800
hours of live song
performers from 26 countries
1 460
master classes
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