Moscow Spring A Cappella Award Ceremony

On May 7, 2018, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin attended an award ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel (3 Tverskaya Street) for the second international Moscow Spring A Cappella music competition.

The participants came from farther afield than last year, with 250 entries from a total of 16 countries: the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Israel, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, France, and South Korea. The shortlist included 184 performers and groups.

Germany, Israel, India, China, Portugal and South Korea were represented at the festival for the first time. It was gratifying to see some of last year’s participants return, notably Hungary’s Jazzation group, as well as France’s Opus Jam, which took the Grand Prix in 2017.

Performers traveled to Moscow from more than 40 of the Russian Federation’s states. Among them was the Round 7 group, which covered the 7,881 kilometers from Blagoveshchensk to take part in the competition.

Moscow was represented by 85 groups and performers, including the competition’s largest female choir, boasting 50 members from the Shnittke Moscow State Institute of Music (MGIM).

The oldest entrant was Muscovite Vladislav Ivanovich Goncharov, who performed solo at the age of 79.

Muscovites and out-of-towners took in some 1,400 performances featuring 8,000 songs performed in a wide variety of genres, including jazz, soul, rock, pop, blues, gospel, folk, and classical.

The panel of judges consisted of performers, vocal coaches, producers, and journalists from Russia and abroad. Among them were Viktor Drobysh and Andrea Figallo, as well as Vasily Gerello, Michele Weir, Matthias Becker, Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, Vyacheslav Petkun, Stas Pyekha, Varvara, to name but a few.

In addition, some 77,0000 people voted for their favorite performers on the competition’s website.

Festival Cash Prizes

Grand Prix: 6.2 million rubles

Prizes for Vocal Groups (large, medium and small)

1st Place: 1.8 million rubles

2nd Place: 1.2 million rubles

3rd place: 600 thousand rubles

Prizes for Soloists

1st place 1 million rubles

2nd place 700 thousand rubles

3rd place 500 thousand rubles

Audience Award: 400 thousand rubles

Winners of the Moscow Spring a Cappella Competition

(as selected by the judges and online voting)

Grand Prix: Six Appeal (USA)


1st Place: Etnofreestyler (Russia, Surgut)

2nd Place: Alam (India)

3rd Place: Maksim Maminov (Russia, Moscow)

Audience Awards

Dmitry Nesterov (Moscow, Russia)

Vladislav Goncharov (Moscow, Russia)

Konstantin Grig (Moscow, Russia)

Small Vocal Group (2-4 people)

1st Place: The Alley Cats (USA), Metro Vocal Group (USA/China)

2nd Place: Cluster (Italy)

3rd Place: Abby-K Quartet (Russia, Kirov)

Audience Award; A’cappella Apriori (Kazakhstan), THUMMp (USA)

Medium Vocal Group (5-8 people)

1st Place: Onair (Germany), Fool Moon (Hungary)

2nd Place: Maytree (South Korea), Plus Five (Russia, St Petersburg)

3rd Place: Pyatero (Russia, Moscow), Coffeetimeband (Russia, Moscow),

Russian Acapella Band (Russia, Moscow)

Audience Award: Status (Russia, Krasnoyarsk), Yatsamongaye Chalice of the Narts (Russia, Vladikavkaz), Wow Vocal Band (China), Razniye Acapella Band (Russia, Volgograd)

Large vocal group (9+ people)

1st Place: The Buzztones (United Kingdom), Moscow Cossack Choir (Russia, Moscow)

2nd Place: Mlada Academic Choir (Russia, Perm), Koukie People (Latvia);

3rd Place: Choir of the Central Border Troops Ensemble of the FSB of Russia (Russia, Moscow), Russky Format Male Choir [Russian Format] (Russia, Voronezh), All the King’s Men (United Kingdom)

Audience Award: Moscow Gospel Team (Russia, Moscow), Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University Student Choir (Russia, Simferopol)