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Новости конкурса


Great news for all the talented singers performing in a cappella genre and for all lovers of spectacular street concerts! Submission of the applications for participating in the Open music international contest of acapella singing which will take place in terms of the “Moscow spring A Cappella” was prolongated for 2 weeks. Singers and vocal groups from all over the world are invited. 


“Due to a significant increase of applications that we receive during the last days of submission, it was decided to prolongate the campaign up to 2 weeks: till April 1, 2018. We hope that all the willing will fill in the forms and send links on their performances!” – the Organizing Committee representatives have shared. 


At present, 15 countries have submitted the applications for “Moscow spring A Cappella” participation (vs 12 participating countries in 2017). Again, the representatives from the USA, the Great Britain, Italy, France, Hungary and Latvia decided to try their forces in the main acapella event of the year. Today already we can say that in 2018 the festival geography became wider: for the first time the applications were submitted from Austria, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Korea and India. 


The contest “Moscow spring A Cappella” unites singers, performing in a cappella genre (singing with no instrumental accompaniment). All the willing musicians who have more than a year of singing experience and are older than 18 years old (on the moment of the contest beginning) can take part. 


Contestants who were chosen to the main round of the “Moscow spring” will have a chance to perform in front of wide audience and compete for valuable money prizes! The prize Fund of the contest is formed based on the sponsorship funds and makes 17 million rubles. 6.2 million rubles from the whole Prize Fund will be granted to the Gran Prix owner. 

This year the “Moscow spring A Cappella” festival takes place from April 27 till May 9. During these two spring weeks the capital will turn into a huge stage: the performances will be organized not only on common festival venues, but also on the roofs and balconies! Decades of concerts are waiting for the Muscovites and foreigners. What is more – the most delicious and original dishes from Moscow restaurateurs, wide assortment of souvenirs and entertainment for the whole family: theatrical performances, singing and music creative master-classes, open trainings and much more. 


Participation in all the events and visiting all the concerts of the festival is free for all desiring.