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A.K.A. Crescendo

Participant number – 28   Croatia   5-8   Pop 

A.K.A. Their a cappella covers include a wide range of genres, from traditional to popular songs, and the group is always ready for new musical challenges. This said, it is remarkable to mention that the group has functioned without a musical director or choreographer since their beginnings, and that the arrangements and choreographies are exclusively their own. The covers that have received the most positive reactions and feedback on social media are: Cheap Thrills (Sia), Wake Me Up (Avicii), Stand By Me (Ben E. King), and Hello (Adele). These young students are non-stop creating new music, rehearsing, studying, passing their exams, and promote themselves and their university wherever they go. In 2018 they were invited to be an opening act for USA a cappella group On The Rocks and this year they performed as a solo group at Carnegie Hall as a part of Total Vocal event lead by the father of contemporary a cappella music - Deke Sharon. Also, in February this year they won first place in two A cappella Video Awards categories for their video Vikings Theme Song.

Speech program

3 May 16:00 Kuznetsky most street
17:30 Pushkinskaya Square
19:00 Novopeschanaya Street, building 12
4 May 14:30 Kamergersky Pereulok (near Academia Cafe)
16:00 ул. Воздвиженка, вл. 11 (выход из метро «Арбатская»)
17:00 ул. Арбат, владение 2/1 (вход на ул. Старый Арбат)
19:00 Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 1
5 May 16:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
18:00 Lesnaya Street 20, building 3
6 May 16:00 Novy Arbat Street, building 15
18:00 Novy Arbat Street, building 19
19:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
7 May 16:00 Novy Arbat Street, building 19
18:00 Kuznetsky most street
19:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
8 May 13:00 Novy Arbat Street, building 15
14:00 Novy Arbat Street, building 19
16:00 ул. Арбат, владение 2/1 (вход на ул. Старый Арбат)
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