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Die Herzdamen

Participant number – 19   Germany   9-35   Jazz, Pop 

The “Herzdamen”, based in Ruhr-Area in western Germany, have enchanted their audience with their charme and beautiful voices since 2009. 13 women from all walks of live and Arno, their chorus master, where brought together by their common love of music and their desire for sharing beautiful Jazz, Swing and Pop Music with others. Throughout the years, they have inspired their audience with there favorite songs presented with passion, warmth, and humor.

Speech program

1 May 12:30 Novopushkinsky Park
14:00 Tverskaya Square
16:00 Barrikadnaya ul.19 (vyihod iz metro Barrikadnaya)
2 May 12:00 Revolution Square
14:00 Gorky Park
16:00 Museon Park
3 May 12:00 Triumfalnaya ploschad
16:00 Zaryadye Park
19:00 Barrikadnaya ul.19 (vyihod iz metro Barrikadnaya)
4 May 13:00 Triumfalnaya ploschad
14:30 Novopushkinsky Park
16:00 Revolution Square
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