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Rebel Bit

Participant number – 23   Italy   2-4   Pop 

Rebel Bit is a Cultural Musical Association aiming at creating shows and performances featuring both musical and theatrical elements, based on a cappella vocal technique. The purpose of this project is to present common and well-known stories in a brand new emotional, musical and staging disguise, in which the audience’s involvement can be deep and effective from the very first sound. The creation of the show’s music arrangements, together with original texts and monologues written for the occasion, is the result of cooperation between the members of the group. Performing on stage, four artists with years-long working experience in the field of a cappella music, each of whom is specialized in a specific branch of this music genre.

Speech program

2 May 14:00 Klimentovsky pereulok
15:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
17:00 Kuznetsky most street
3 May 12:00 Klimentovsky pereulok
18:00 Klimentovsky pereulok
20:00 Kuznetsky most street
4 May 16:00 ул. Арбат, владение 2/1 (вход на ул. Старый Арбат)
17:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
19:30 Pushkinskaya Square
solo performers and vocal groups