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Six Appeal

Participant number – 29   USA   5-8   Jazz, Pop, Arrangements, Rock, Soul 

The returning Grand Prix Champions of the Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival, Six Appeal is an internationally-touring a cappella group from the Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA. A full-time vocal band for the past 8 years, these six young men have been an unstoppable growing force in and out of the a cappella community. Some of their awards and accolades include winning the title of National Harmony Sweepstakes, being featured on numerous “Best of” albums, and performing with artists like Thundercat, Andy Grammer, Michael McDonald, and Kenny Loggins. Most recently, they were asked to be featured performers at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in Hollywood, CA for the 2nd year in a row. A Six Appeal show captures the attention of all ages, and excites all musical tastes. Prepare for an unforgettable experience with one of most entertaining performing ensembles in the world.

Speech program

1 May 15:30 Pushkinskaya Square
17:00 Kuznetsky most street
2 May 14:30 Kamergersky Pereulok (near Academia Cafe)
16:00 ул. Воздвиженка, вл. 11 (выход из метро «Арбатская»)
3 May 15:00 Kuznetsky most street
17:00 Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 1
4 May 14:30 Pushkinskaya Square
16:00 Kuznetsky most street
18:00 Lesnaya Street 20, building 3
5 May 15:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
17:00 Lesnaya Street 20, building 3
6 May 17:00 Gorodetskaya street, 14
7 May 15:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
17:00 Lesnaya Street 20, building 3
19:00 Kuznetsky most street
8 May 17:30 Kamergersky Pereulok (near Academia Cafe)
19:00 ulitsa Nikolskaya, dom 12 (peresechenie Nikolskoy ul. i Lubyanskoy pl.)
9 May 18:00 Kuznetsky most street
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