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The Quintessence

Participant number – 42   Georgia   5-8   Jazz, Arrangements 

The idea of creating children’s vocal jazz ensemble capable to lift and perform extremely complicated arrangements with jaw dropping ease and professionalism belongs to an American/Georgian theater and music producer, multi award winner arranger David (Buka) Kartozia. In 2012 Buka Kartozia got an offer to become a producer of Tbilisi Music and Drama State Theater and on the 26th of September 2012 first rehearsal of the newly form quintet took place. The casting process was long and difficult and the most gifted children were chosen to become members of this marvelous jazz ensemble. That’s why the group became popular in a snap and their popularity throughout the world grows by each day.

Speech program

8 May 16:30 Pushkinskaya Square
18:00 ulitsa Nikolskaya, dom 12 (peresechenie Nikolskoy ul. i Lubyanskoy pl.)
19:30 Kamergersky Pereulok (near Academia Cafe)
9 May 16:00 Kuznetsky most street
17:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
19:00 Lesnaya Street 20, building 3
10 May 13:00 ulitsa Nikolskaya, dom 12 (peresechenie Nikolskoy ul. i Lubyanskoy pl.)
15:00 Novy Arbat Street, building 19
16:00 Novy Arbat Street, building 15
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