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Women of the World

Participant number – 17   International   2-4   Jazz, Other 

Women of the World was formed to bring women musicians from across the globe onto a common platform to collaborate and create through the sharing of music, to explore and celebrate the differences in ideologies and cultural tenets that exist in the daily lives of women all over the world. The Women of the World repertoire is thus, vast and varied. Constantly searching for new genres to explore, the group has performed in 34 languages (and counting) including Bulgarian, Cuban, Ladino, Brazilian, Turkish, Kenyan, Haitian, Indian, Italian and Japanese music. In many ways, the ensemble is a microcosm of the world. Each of the musicians has a strong artistic identity shaped by the culture in which they grew up, and each finds endless excitement in learning and exploring the many cultures of the world. Women of the World continues to serve as cultural ambassadors of peace and unity through music and has delighted audiences at venues like Carnegie Hall, Blue Note Jazz Club, Boston Symphony Hall, the Kennedy Center, The Apollo Theater as well as through collaborations with the United Nations, amongst others.

Speech program

5 May 12:00 Kuznetsky most street
13:00 ulitsa Nikolskaya, dom 12 (peresechenie Nikolskoy ul. i Lubyanskoy pl.)
6 May 14:00 Kuznetsky most street
15:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
17:00 Klimentovsky pereulok
7 May 14:00 ул. Воздвиженка, вл. 11 (выход из метро «Арбатская»)
16:00 ulitsa Nikolskaya, dom 12 (peresechenie Nikolskoy ul. i Lubyanskoy pl.)
17:30 Kamergersky Pereulok (near Academia Cafe)
8 May 16:30 Rozhdestvenka Street
18:00 Kuznetsky most street
19:30 Pushkinskaya Square
9 May 14:00 Arbat street, ("Praga" restaurant)
16:00 Gorodetskaya Street, building 1
18:00 ulitsa Nikolskaya, dom 12 (peresechenie Nikolskoy ul. i Lubyanskoy pl.)
10 May 13:00 Klimentovsky pereulok
14:30 Pushkinskaya Square
solo performers and vocal groups